Personal Finance · 09. June 2024
After a small decline in April, May goes back to growth and more than makes up for the loss of last month. More than 9K Euro absolute gain and a +2.34% is quite good as rebound. I was able to invest 3,029 Euro in iShares Emerging Markets, getting closer and closer to 400K of portfolio value (with 320K Euro invested as original capital).
Personal Finance · 02. May 2024
April for the first time in 2024 shows a minus sign (-1.83% or 7K Euro)! A very small correction compared to the rally of the last months, but maybe this could point to a change in direction? The inflation is still stubbornly high in USA, so a lot of people are reconsidering the interest rates cuts that the FED might do in the next months. This month I was able to invest 1.750 Euro in iShares Core Europe. I basically took the dividends lying around and reinvested them for the first time on...
Personal Finance · 02. April 2024
The market rally continues undisturbed in March as well with a +3.28%. Year to date, the portfolio value has increase by 7.60% or 27,018 Euro. Personally, the most welcomed news is the return to investing with approximately 14,599 Euro in the month. I still went for the traditional geographical split across regions - North America (1,600 Euro), Europe (3,500 Euro) and Emerging Markets (3,500 Euro). However, I also spent some money into Crypto - Bitcoin and Ethereum (6,000 Euro in total). Now...
Personal Finance · 02. March 2024
After a positive January, February also showed an upside and even greater than the previous month with an overall gain of 3.28%.
Personal Finance · 31. January 2024
The market keeps surprising me and another month in the positive is in the bag. Contrary to my expectations, January posted a +1.42%. I was not able to invest though, so I kind of broke my streak (winter holidays are mostly to blame for this :-) ).
Personal Finance · 02. January 2024
December has continued the upward trend of November and delivered a 3,64% increase, worth almost 12,000 Euro. I was able to keep investing in this month as well, buying iShares Emerging Markets for 1,717 Euro, with some help from the last months dividends. In December, they accounted for around 542 Euro.
Personal Finance · 02. December 2023
November has seen a strong upward movement across the board after a pretty terrible October. The difference? A lot of people starting to think that interest rates will start to go down sooner rather than later. And why would that happen? Because the job market and the economy (and therefore inflation) are really slowing down a lot - which - when you stop and think about it - does not seem a good reason to drive the market up. Anyway, November shot up by more than 6% or around 18,670 Euro -...
Personal Finance · 01. November 2023
Back in April I wrote about crossing the 300K Euro threshold in terms of portfolio value for the first time and asked myself for how long that number would start with a 3 and not with a 2. Well, in October we got extremely close to that scenario (despite having invested since then more than 10K Euro!). In the month, I was able to keep buying iShares Emerging Markets for 1,473 Euro - this makes it two months in row in which I was able to keep growing the portfolio, not bad considering the...
Personal Finance · 02. October 2023
I should probably be bummed for the performance in September but actually I am very happy for the month overall. In the end, this matters very little in the (long term) scheme of things. Losing more than 10,000 Euro is not great but I dont need to cash in anytime soon, on the contrary, it might give me a chance to buy later on at cheaper prices. Pity that I did not wait the end of the month, but that would have been similar to timing the market - something I am not good at and will not do. I...
Personal Finance · 02. September 2023
Sorry guys, I missed July :-( It was the beginning of the holidays and I just could not bring myself to download the data and write about it. But I am back now! In a way July and August almost cancelled each other out: July was quite positive with a 2-3% gain in the month and August basically dilapidated that. Below the printscreen for August. Important to know that in July I bought 4,048 Euro of Vanguard All-World, but in August I did not do anything (piling something up for September - still...

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