Do your own Spending Review! (Part I)

Believe it or not, I have tracked and categorized every single expense I have made with my debit card since 2015 in Excel.


When I started, there were no apps that I knew of to categorize all my expenses. I am sure we had them in 2015, I just did not bother to look for them (also, probably you would need to pay for them). Now I am kind of married to my Excel file where I have logged thousands of transactions. 


Whether you use an app or Excel like me, it doesn't really matter. The best way to start is just to...start! Note how much money you have now in all your bank accounts and write it down in the Excel file as starting point.


Live your life for two weeks and then download all your transactions from your bank (or import them in the app). Get a feel for the categories that you need to create and ensure you do 100% of the transactions. Then repeat the same after 2 more weeks.


Congratulations! You have categorized financially the first month of your life. Now the real fun can start and for that let´s go to part 2 :-)


PS here in the first tab you can see a dummy with the format I am still using. All data is dummy!




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