My Portfolio - May 2022 update

Another month has gone by and this 2022 does not seem to get much better. As I am not planning to retire anytime soon, I am not worried and I keep investing the same as if the trend would be the opposite. Dollar cost averaging all the way! 


An additional 5,000 Euro have been lost this month (pretty much all my assets lost), but I got some dividends (more than some for my standard) and I invested around 7,600 Euro - so plenty of action!


I kept buying Vanguard FTSE All-World (almost 5,000 Euro) - I need to keep this money clearly separated from the rest of my investments - and this month I bought Vanguard FTSE North America (almost 2,700 Euro) for my geographical rotation - one month North America, one Emerging Markets and one Europe.

At least in terms of dividends I had some satisfactions, as the month turned out to be the second highest after March 2022 with 453 Euro. Chief contributor was iShares Core MSCI Europe with around 391 Euro, while iShares Global Clean Energy and Apple got the rest.


Looking at the dividend paid in 2022, I am at 1,240 Euro - as comparison I reached that amount in 2021 as well but only in September.

Last but not least, my crypto investment is right now suffering - I am down to around 1,100 Euro, a loss of around 39%.

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