My Portfolio - August 2022 update


After a nice rally in July, August normalized the situation a bit. I am still treating the situation as business as usual, so the movements are the following:

  • I bought the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets for 2,700 Euro - one of the 3 geographical ETFs that i keep investing in
  • I bought Vanguard FTSE All-World ACC ETF for 4,000 Euro rather than paying back the mortgage 

My (messy) portfolio had a similar performance to some of the most known ETFs out there (red line is North America, yellow line is All-World and black line is my portfolio).

In a way, this points out how it is not worth to complicate your life a lot (as I did especially at the beginning of my investments)

I always thought August would not be a month worth much in terms of dividends, but actually Apple (23 Euro) and iShares Core MSCI Europe (379 Euro) contributed to making the month even above average.

The year to date count is now at 2,400 Euro and if I look at the last 12 months I was paid out dividends for 3,300 Euro - or 275 Euro every month on average.


From this month onwards, I might need to re-evaluate the monthly investment level as the little one starts day-care and this will definitively impact the amount of money I can set aside every month. 

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