My Portfolio - October 2022 update



After a very bad September, October bounced back (partially). It is good to see that the portfolio value is now not so close to the amount invested anymore. 


In terms of activities, I have invested in the usual iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (2,700 Euro) and in the Vanguard FTSE All-Word (2,000 Euro). Honestly, I was able to keep up the 2,700 Euro in the month just because I could reinvest the dividends of September. 



I have still around 5,300 Euro of "debt" towards DeGiro that now I want to get rid of (result of the Margin Trading I did in the past) - especially because DeGiro is increasing the interest rate I am paying on it (from 4% to 4.5%) - I wish the Dutch banks would also increase the interest rates on the saving accounts!!


As metioned at the end of last month, October is not a good months for dividends within my portfolio and in fact only Nike paid out 7 Euro. The total for 2022 is now at 3,326 Euro.


Overall, in the last 12 months I was paid out on average 317 Euro a month worth of dividends. 

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