My Portfolio - November 2022 update


November continues on the trend of October and post a (small) positive increase. 


This month was the time of investing in Vanguard North America ETF (2,000 Euro) out of the 3 geographical ETFs and in Vanguard FTSE All-Word (2,000 Euro). 


Usually I would be able to invest 2,700 Euro in the geographical ETFs but this is the first month were I had to reduce that number. I am also now looking at 2023 to make the budget for next year and I am afraid my monthly investment allowance will go even lower as I need to beef up my saving account (my target is around 15K and I am at 8K) and consider the higher expenses I will be facing.

Pretty much all ETFs contributed to the growth in November but Europe and Emerging Market were more than proportionally responsible for that. In fact, they are the No.1 and No.2 in terms of absolute contribution and grew more than 5.5% in the month. I would love if this would be the beginning of a rally (in relative terms at least) for these two geographies as my portfolio is much more skewed towards them than the standard All-World ETF.


The debt towards DeGiro is marginally reduced to 5,000 Euro and - on a positive note - my bank has increased the interest rate on my saving account to 0.25% (from 0%) - better than nothing I guess...


Dividend-wise, November was below average at 232 Euro. The lion’s share comes from iShares Core Europe with 174 Euro, while iShares Global Clean Energy (35 Euro) and Apple (23 Euro) make up for the rest. While I was hoping for more, it still is a 21% increase vs what I got in November 2021, so I should not complain. 


I dont think I will be able to break the 4,000 Euro barrier of dividends received in 2022, but let’s see what happens in December!


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