My Portfolio - April 2023 update


April has been quite unremarkable in terms of portfolio performance, which in this period is probably a positive thing. At the end, a variation of -0.15% is quite easy to digest. 


Where the action took place was on the investing side, where I finished investing the one-off money that I got. I rebalanced the investment of the previous month by investing around 10,100 Euro each in iShares Core Europe and Vanguard FTSE North America. Crossing for the first time ever the 300,000 Euro feels good (in October 2021 I crossed 200,000 Euro for the first time), let´s see for how long the first number will be a 3 and not a 2. 



April is a dead month in terms of dividends: only Nike with 8,42 Euro had a payout this month. 

Let´s see if May picks up - hopefully this is when 2023 gets substantially higher than 2022...

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