My Portfolio - May 2023 update


May has been a good month in terms of portfolio performance as well as dividends. Considering the investments done in April, I took a break in May and will probably just reinvest the dividends towards the end of June (which should be another good month in this regard). 


Positive news of the month is that the portfolio value still start with a 3 and not with a 2.  


As mentioned, May was quite rich in terms of dividends with a final count of 669 Euro (slightly higher than in the above printscreen as I took before the end of the day). The biggest contributor is iShares Core Europe with 613 Euro and the rest is basically peanuts: iShares Clean Energy with 33 Euro and Apple with 23 Euro


All in all, it is a 48% increase vs May 2021 - nothing to scoff at.


This brings the average payout of the last 12 months at 453 Euro

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