My Portfolio - June 2023 update



Back to investing! After a bit of a break in May, I was finally able to increase the invested capital thanks to the dividends of the last 2 months. 

This - together with the portfolio growth of 2.52% - made June quite a positive month overall. Basically all ETFs contributed positively to the final result, meaning that the market was just bullish in this timeframe. The monthly investment went to iShares Emerging Markets for approximately 1,500 Euro (all coming from dividends).


June turned out to be the second best ever month in terms of dividends payout with 844 Euro. The big bucks came from iShares Emerging Markets with 305 Euro, followed by three other ETFs with roughly equal contributions (around 170 - 200 Euro).


The only disappointing number is the dividends growth year on year for the month, which is around 13%. Considering that the portfolio has grown much faster (around 31%), I was hoping for something better honestly. The Vanguard FTSE All-World has substantially lowered the dividend per share paid (from 0.80 Euro to 0.67 Euro) and this tanked a bit the overall performance.


Overall, from the beginning of the year the total dividends paid out increased by 18% vs last year, reaching 2,344 Euro to date.

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