My Portfolio - July / August 2023 update


Sorry guys, I missed July :-(

It was the beginning of the holidays and I just could not bring myself to download the data and write about it. But I am back now!

In a way July and August almost cancelled each other out: July was quite positive with a 2-3% gain in the month and August basically dilapidated that. Below the printscreen for August. 

Important to know that in July I bought 4,048 Euro of Vanguard All-World, but in August I did not do anything (piling something up for September - still a far cry from the past amounts, sigh).



In terms of dividends, Nike and Apple gave something (31 Euro in total), but the big check came from iShares Europe with 556 Euro. Overall, the dividends in August were 44% up vs the same period last year.

As you can see below, I am very close to reaching 10,000 Euro of total dividends over time! And, what is also good is that 4,516 Euro of that amount came in in the last 12 months - something that from graph is not easily appreciated. 

Big expectations for September in this area, as September 2022 is the highest month I had in terms of dividends. Will I be able to cross the 1000 Euro threshold?

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