My Portfolio - September 2023 update


I should probably be bummed for the performance in September but actually I am very happy for the month overall. In the end, this matters very little in the (long term) scheme of things. 


Losing more than 10,000 Euro is not great but I dont need to cash in anytime soon, on the contrary, it might give me a chance to buy later on at cheaper prices. Pity that I did not wait the end of the month, but that would have been similar to timing the market - something I am not good at and will not do. 


I invested more than average in September, as I bought iShares Europe and iShares Emerging Markets for 1,560 Euro and 1,796 Euro respectively. It feels nice to be back to this level of monthly investment but I know I cant sustain it. 



Dividends were the best part of the month though. September did turn out to be the highest month from a payout point of view and (spoiler) I was able to cross the 1,000 Euro threshold for the first time!

Most of it came down to iShares Emerging Markets with 590 Euro, followed by Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility with 206 Euro. Vanguard FTSE North America and Vanguard FTSE All-World complete the picture with 168 and 115 Euro respectively.


On average, in the last 12 months I got around 389 Euro each month from dividends. 

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