My Portfolio - November 2023 update



November has seen a strong upward movement across the board after a pretty terrible October. The difference? A lot of people starting to think that interest rates will start to go down sooner rather than later. And why would that happen? Because the job market and the economy (and therefore inflation) are really slowing down a lot - which - when you stop and think about it - does not seem a good reason to drive the market up. 


Anyway, November shot up by more than 6% or around 18,670 Euro - really a massive movement for a month. I kept the investment streak alive by buying Vanguard North America for around 1,700 Euro, this is the third month in a row where I can go back to investing. 


November did his part also on the dividend side, delivering 303 Euro - a respectable 30% increase vs November 2022. iShares Europe accounts for the lion´s share with 225 Euro and the rest comes from iShares Clean Energy (56 Euro) and Apple (22 Euro).

I dont think I will cross the 5K Euro dividends this year but I am getting close to it. On average, in the last 12 months I got 395 Euro of dividends every month - could not pay rent with it (yet) but at least a few utilities ;-)

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