My Portfolio - March 2024 update

The market rally continues undisturbed in March as well with a +3.28%. Year to date, the portfolio value has increase by 7.60% or 27,018 Euro

Personally, the most welcomed news is the return to investing with approximately 14,599 Euro in the month. I still went for the traditional geographical split across regions - North America (1,600 Euro), Europe (3,500 Euro) and Emerging Markets (3,500 Euro). However, I also spent some money into Crypto - Bitcoin and Ethereum (6,000 Euro in total). Now that I start to have a sizeable amount in ETFs, I wanted to build some exposure to other asset classes, and Crypto was top of the list. You need to put this into the right perspective though - with this investment, I still only have around 2.5% of the total investments in Crypto. 


Dividends were good this month, growing at around 23.6% vs last year and totalling 642 Euro.

On average, now I get around 415 Euro of dividends income every month. If the growth trend continues, I should reach 6,000 Euro by the end of the year, meaning 500 Euro of dividends every month. 

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