My Portfolio - April 2024 update


April for the first time in 2024 shows a minus sign (-1.83% or 7K Euro)! A very small correction compared to the rally of the last months, but maybe this could point to a change in direction? The inflation is still stubbornly high in USA, so a lot of people are reconsidering the interest rates cuts that the FED might do in the next months.

This month I was able to invest 1.750 Euro in iShares Core Europe. I basically took the dividends lying around and reinvested them for the first time on Trade Republic and not DeGiro (lower transaction fees and 4% interest rate up to 50K Euro deposit!). 


Only Nike paid dividends this month at 9.32 Euro. The total Year to date is 947 Euro, which represents a 14% growth vs last year. 

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