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I was thinking of doing monthly updates for the performance of my portfolio starting from this month, until I realized that actually I should explain first a bit about the portfolio. 


What you are about to read should not be taken as financial advice! It reflects just my (often not 100% coherent) ideas and a few youth mistakes. Also, past performance is not indicative of future returns.


I started investing in a discontinous manner since 2018 but I began taking it seriously in September 2019. Originally I was spreading my investments between two brokers but then I decided to transfer everything into one. What you will see below is the result of this journey. One important thing to keep in mind is that my broker allows for margin trading - you can borrow from it to purchase financial assets - and I used this option for around 29K Euro. 


Last but not least, after many years in Excel I found this website called Parqet where I can visualize the portfolio and automatically see a lot of relevant information. The tool is not connected to my online broker, so I update it manually every time I make a transaction. And, yes, it is in German and you cannot switch to English - apologies!


Currently - since the beginning of my investments - I have accumulated almost 235K Euro in my portfolio. After a very bad January 2022, the potential capital gain is around 30K and the Internal Rate of Return (IZF below) is around 16%. You can also see that I was paid around 3.2K Euro Dividends (more on this later).

As mentioned in the post about Core-Satellite, I follow this strategy for my portfolio and use 3 main ETFs with different geographical focus (also discussed here).

Below you can see my main CORE ETFs. Consider that I am actively investing only in the top 3 and that is where I plan to focus for the future. As you can see from the allocation % this is around 76% of my total portfolio (Edit: the last one is a High Dividend / Low Volatility ETF and technically should be classified as Factor investing). 

I only recently moved (January 2022) to the Vanguard North America ETF to track this region and that is why you see actually that I am losing more than 4.5%. I sold the iShares equivalent because of the much higher TER and by doing that I realized around 4.5K Euro of capital gain. 

The Emerging Market ETF (the first one) has not been kind to me in the last year or so and since February 2021 went down substantially (see below).

In terms of Satellites, I have a mix between Stocks (Apple, Nike, Boeing, Kraft Heinz) and Theme bets - mostly around Clean Energy and Robotics / AI. Below the most relevant ones (above 1% of portfolio allocation):

Apple and Nike have a "wrong" capital gain as the time starts from when I imported them to my broker account and not from when I actually bought them originally. Anyway, here the picture looks quite nice but I also have much worse outcomes - for example Boeing or Canopy Growth, a company dealing with medical cannabis. I should probably just cut my losses there but have not brought myself to do it yet. 


Last but not least, the divident income is represented below and you can see the evolution over time. I never really focused on dividends - maybe with the exception of the High Dividend / Low Volatility ETF mentioned above - but this is a very interesting graph to keep an eye on. My divident yield as of today is 1.56% (compared to the purchase value of my portfolio). 

This is it in a nutshell for ETFs and Stocks. Outside of this, I have some riskier (and much smaller) positions.

I am part of an investment club where I have invested a small sum of money (less than 6K Euro) in 3 small startups and currently hold 1.5K Euro of Crypto. I hope Parqet introduces also Crypto to the list of assets you can add to the portfolio, so I can consolidate everything in one view. 


From now onwards, I will update the performance monthly. 

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